Pet Preform injection moulding machine in India

A New Technology That Can Improve Mould Maintenance

Mouldmakers have a lot of work to do.    Whenever mouldmakers sell a mould, it’s their responsibility to stand by what is given. Thus, every mouldmaker strives to build moulds such as cap moulds, bottle moulds, etc. of the highest quality.  Read further to know why a high-quality mould is so important for its manufacturer and user(s) as well.

When does mouldmakers stand upon a sticky wicket?

Most users as well as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) expect that every mould should de-risk their tooling investments. In actuality, such expectancies get every Mould Manufacturer in India and other parts of the world in a tight spot. The disadvantages are heightened as:-

• Mouldmakers do not really know how a mould will be used once it gets delivered at a client’s site.
• Mould manufacturers are not aware of maintenance schedules that will be followed at a client’s site.
• The mould builders, in reality, do not have any type of control or influence upon how a mould will be used by a client.

Due to such reasons, any type of mould can come back to a mouldmaker as a no-charge repair assignment. And such assignments often bring along with them stained reputation for the mould builder. Mentioned below are a couple of tips that help mouldmakers in saving their goodwill.

The new monitoring technology

Technology, nowadays, has really helped in making a mouldmaker’s life hassle free. Mouldmakers can now install a monitoring device that informs them about a mould’s present status and condition. The device can offer real-time reports to a mouldmaker. Such a device really helps in scheduling preventive maintenance programs and increasing efficiency of moulds.

At present, the monitoring device has upgraded and also helps document working history of moulds. The new technology is radical and can be easily added within a Pet Preform injection moulding machine in India.

The monitoring device helps both customers and mouldmakers to enjoy the benefit of a mould’s long life.